The selected of high quality “Taiwanese lemons” are used to produce the world’s first sugar-free lemon enzyme with our exclusive R&D technology by using the high concentration extract and sugar-free fermentation methods.

As the No. 1 brand of lemon enzyme in Taiwan, our lemon enzyme products have passed the inspections of SGS and Germany TUV Rheinland, both international certification authorities, and proven to be 100% natural without any additive.

Products for Export

 Meng Do Do

Polyphenols Lemon Enzyme 

 180ml x 6 bottles/box 

Direction of  Use:30~80c.c. per serving


Greenergy L99  Lemon Enzyme Extract

 20ml x 15 bottles/box 

Direction of  Use:

Take 1 to 3 bottles daily

Contents:100% natural lemon extract

Place of Origin:Taiwan

Food Additive:Pure natural, additive free

Nutrient Content:Pectinase, citric acid, vitamin C, total polyphenols, water-soluble fiber, calcium, S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase), minerals.


   (1) Adjust physical fitness

   (2) Maintain beauty and provide the effect of skincare

   (3) Help fall asleep

   (4) Smooth bowel movements

   (5) Improve digestion

   (6) Promote metabolism

Shelf Life:Two years

Storage Conditions:Keep it at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight before opening.

Product Advantages

NO.1 in the market

  • ♦ The world’s first sugar-free extracted lemon enzyme

  • ♦ No.1 in alkaline food for promoting metabolism

All natural, zero additives

-Sugar-free vegetables and fruits extraction technology

  •   ♦ Stabilize glycolysis derivatives without raising sugar concentration

  •   ♦ No sugar, water or any additives added during the production process


    Difference from usual fruit enzymes

    ------First sugar-free enzyme extraction technology------

Mixed Vegetables and Fruits Enzyme

Cheng Yuan Lemon Enzymes

Mostly contain less than 3U of pectic enzymes

Contain more than 12U of pectic enzyme         WIN!
Trace of pesticide residues or harmful microorganisms Unique pesticide removal technology               WIN!
Mixed sugared fermentation Identified strains are fermented with the exclusive sugar-free fermentation technology                                      WIN!
Unqualified factories or unclear labels Factory of quality, Factory No.: 13000139         WIN!

  • -Unique color and condensation layering
  •   ♦ Natural lemons are extracted and fermented without adding any sugar or additives, so the color of the enzyme is “creamy yellow”
  •   ♦ The color of the natural fermentation broth will become darker as time goes by.
  •   ♦ The suspended matter on the upper layer of the broth is “Pectin fiber”, which is layered due to the specific gravity of the fiber. This proves that no “plasticizers” is added.

SGS, TUV tests

  • ♦ Free of acetic acid, heavy metals, plasticizers and preservatives

  • ♦ Passed medicines-free tests for 188 western medicines and maximum pesticide residue tests for 470 pesticides, without

    ♦ exceeding the safety limit

 (Note) Acetic acid will erode the stomach wall if not withdrawn and converted


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