Rich in pectinase, citric acid, vitamin C, total polyphenols, water-soluble fiber, calcium,

S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase), minerals.


♦ Adjust physical fitness and maintain an acid-alkali balance mechanism

♦ Strengthen body protection and create a good environment inside the body
♦ Help digestion
♦ Regulate physiological functions
♦ Promote normal metabolism

The human body is like a light bulb, and enzymes are like electric current.

Who needs enzymes?
1. People who have poor immunity and easily contract illness
2. People who want to improve physical fitness and increase physical strength
3. People who want to enhance metabolic functions
4. People who lack concentration and feel sleepy after meals
5. People who feel tired easily
6. People who want to improve bowel movement and digestion

Enzymes control your life

How many enzymes are left in you?

 Citric Acid 
“Citric acid cycle” promotes digestion, decomposition and burning of food, helping to convert food into calories. If the citric acid cycle fails to proceed smoothly, nutritional molecules cannot be effectively burned and will be converted into lactate, which leads to muscle ache, neuralgia and fatigue. Citric acid can help regulate body condition and boost metabolism.

 Polyphenols  -Ability of anti-oxidation

Polyphenols can keep the body from the damage of active oxygen and can enhance the protection of body. With the sugar-free fermentation technology, the polyphenols in the plants will be converted into small molecules that are easily absorbed by the human body and increase the content of SOD-Like active matter.


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